The Best Mojito This Side of Mexico


Whether you’ve had a ragged week or just need a clean and easy recipe for a night of entertaining some friends, look no further, because we’ve got you covered here at The Bar.

Setting out on our trip which spanned the States, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala and Belize, I fully expected to have multiple “oh, yes” moments as we snaked through the continent on my Mojito-quest. While the Mojitos we had were decent [and definitely potent], the best I’ve had by a long shot have to be the ones done by my mate Booga, back in The Can.

Striking the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, this Mojito is guaranteed to go down smooth, and comes with the Two Peas money-back guarantee to score at least 8 high fives and a “holy shit this is good!” from your dinner guests.

–     The Prep     –

1) Buy a really nice bunch of mint – the freshest, firmest and strongest minty smelling bunch you can find.

  • Pluck between 10-15 of the biggest leaves and then put them in a small bowl

2) Grab a couple of limes (approx ¾ per drink). Pick ones that are dark green, and on the softer side of firm

  • Cut lime in half, half again, and then half again. Put the slices in another small bowl

3) Bacardi, or whatever rum you fancy – as many bottles as you feel necessary for a good night

4) A shit load of white (or brown) sugar

5) A glass bottle of soda water [glass bottles hold the fizz better than plastic]

6) Ice cubes (not the rapper), though ice shards class it up a bit.

7) A cocktail shaker

8) A shot glass

9) A chopstick. Not even kidding.


Let’s do this.

–     The Process     –

1) Grab about 10 mint leaves and hold them in one hand; smack them with your other hand [kinda like you’re clapping] to get the oils moving, then put the leaves in the cocktail shaker


2) Add one slice of the lime to the shaker and then get a rolling pin and use the base of the pin to pile drive the lime into the mint – give it heaps; unleash your anger at the shitty week that was!

3) Add around three teaspoons of sugar to the mix and another three slices of lime. Repeat the pile driving – you should be left with a juicy, sugary, limey minty mess, and some spectacular sweat patches if you’ve had a terrible week and a dick of a boss.


4) Fill the shaker to within an inch of the top with ice

5) Pour a shot glass [or as much or little as you like] of the rum over the ice. Remember to balance the rest of the ingredients if you go to town with the rum!

6) Fill the shaker to the brim with soda water

7) Take the chopstick [told you I wasn’t kidding] and stir like crazy in a clockwise direction [or counter-clockwise if you’re a Pisces] for about 10 seconds, repeat counter-clockwise for the same period of time.

8) Give it a try and add more sugar to suit your taste


9) Pour the whole lot into a nice glass, adding the remainder of the leaves in along with a nice slice of lime on top for a garnish


11) Drink with a nice straw while having great times!

12) Repeat until ill, or unable to make properly.

One thought on “The Best Mojito This Side of Mexico

  1. Hey there Two Peas, love your blog!

    This sounds fantastic…I can’t to wait to try out this recipe the next time the girls and I have a dinner party! I reckon it’ll be the thing that gets the party going… 🙂

    Keep it up!

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