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We write “The 411” posts when we come across something awesome, but are trying to get in touch with the owners to get more info, before releasing a proper post.
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Canberra, I’m disappointed. No, really, I am. And yes, in the same way as when my mum summed up her feelings towards my long litany of poor life choices by saying “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. And what is this ‘Goon-of-Fortune’ business anyway?”

“¿por qué estás enojado, mi amigo?”, you may ask? There have been only 18 votes on Mr.Papa’s foodtruck at The Hamlet, and a rating of just 83%!

I’ve eaten my way around their menu, and let me tell you – anything short of experiencing your first foodgasm and emphatically high-fiving Carlos over the counter with tears streaming down your face would not be doing it justice.


Exhibit A:The correct reaction to that first whiff of a mouth-watering Chanchito



The dish that started it all – the Chanchito, or as those with a bit more Spanish ability call it – La Sanguche De Chicharron. Succulent pork belly, crafted through the most meticulous, pain-stakingly long process you could imagine; seated on charred sweet potato and heaped with zesty onion; lathered in a rich Huancaina salsa and crowned with pillowy-soft Pan Frances [French Bread].

Mr. Papa has been made a name for itself among most Canberrans; after bursting onto the stage in the 2013 Multicultural Food Festival where they completely sold out of stock by 2pm, they’ve been going from strength to strength in growing the business and getting the word out there. They’ve catered festivals throughout Canberra; set up a permanent presence at The Hamlet in Braddon, and put smiles on the faces of dozens of happy guests at wedding receptions in Canberra. With food with a greater “ohh yeahhh…”-inducing effect than the smell of fresh cut grass on an Autumn morning, it’s clear that Mr. Papa is onto a winner, and has a lot of steam left in it yet.

Don’t just say you’ll maybe” check it out, depending on whether there’s a new episode of Home and Away on tonight. If you’ve got fuel in the tank, credit on your MyWay card, or legs attached to your torso – head down for a bite to eat. Seriously – their food is off the chain.

This post was just a quick and dirty shout out to Mr. Papa to get the word out there; we’ve gotten in touch with Carlos, the brains behind Mr. Papa, and will be pumping out a full post soon with all the details. In the meantime, check out our other post on The Hamlet, and Mr. Papa’s other playmates – April’s Caravan, BrodDogs, and Chasing Mr. Morris!

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    1. Yeah, I think that’s the Lima sauce – no dispute on how great it tastes, that’s for sure! My personal favourite’s the red one, Carretilla – very tangy, but just short of being too spicy!

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