The Hamlet a.k.a. whyistherearickshawhere?



“Why is there a rickshaw here?”

“Is this some kind of Asian market?”

“I wonder if you can do a wheelie on it?”

“Can you buy these at Pushy’s?”




Such are the questions of life which torment me at night.






The Hamlet is the brain-child of Unit Concept’s Nik Bulum, who coincidentally was also at the helm of the Lonsdale Street Traders – better known as “every hipster’s wet dream” [not really] – with their vegan muffins, vintage gear, and pop-up stores…until its untimely demise late last year =\

But yae verily, as the phoenix rises out of the ashes, so too, did the Traders reincarnate as the glorious street food emporium that is The Hamlet! Excelsior! Huzzah! Ka-POW!




–     The Vision     –

The Hamlet is all about supporting the few in Canberra who’ve dared to get into the business of food trucks; providing them a safe haven complete with access to water and electricity – two of the most critical things you need to make sure you’re never short of when running a food truck. They’ve also been working behind the scenes to get the government to support the growth in mobile food businesses, and hope that through their efforts, food vans will become a permanent fixture in Canberra’s streets and culture.

Their current lineup features 11 food and dessert vendors, with BrodDogs and Mr. Papa the standouts amongst a crew of top-notch food trucks, caravans, and everything in between.

It also lends support to Canberra’s makers, artists and designers, with a free gallery wall installation for artists, and 7 stalls dedicated to designers and vendors of handmade products. If you’re a budding creative, get in touch with them about featuring your work or performing live!


–     The Vibe     –

If you’ve been through San Francisco and stumbled upon the summer night markets in UN Plaza, you’ll know exactly the kind of vibe something like The Hamlet is going to has brought to Canberra. The kind of vibe that makes you glad you came, and wish you never had to leave.

The airwaves reverberate with live music and animated conversations; the air saturated with the tantalizing smells of the dozen food trucks  cooking up a storm, and you – smack bang in the middle of it, with a massive grin on your face, because – oh yes, oh yes, this right here – this is exactly what life is all about. This is what The Hamlet is all about.


SF’s UN Plaza – Live music, food trucks galore, and a city of strangers living it up as dusk creeps in


–     The Goss     –

 I love what The Hamlet’s brought to Canberra with such a simple initiative – the variety of food; the atmosphere; and the hype it’s created, has amped Braddon’s nightlife and culinary scene to the next level. Curious to find out more about the who, what, when, where and why of The Hamlet, I got in touch with them, and here’s what they had to say:

Q: Does The Hamlet have a very different aim compared to Lonsdale Street Traders, in terms of what it brings to Braddon?

A: The Hamlet is focused on incubating foodies and food trucks, and to hopefully help in getting the government to support and let food vans become part of our streets and culture. It also focuses on Canberra’s makers, artists and designers, whereas The Traders was more retail incubation and businesses.


Q: How many vendors are there currently set up at The Hamlet, both food and otherwise? What else is in the pipeline?

A: There are 11 food and dessert vendors; 7 makers/designers; a barber, and a free gallery installation wall for local artists. Coming up, we have a micro-brewery and beer pop-up, serving up boutique beers and cider.

Author’s Note:



Q: What other events or features are coming to the Hamlet? When is there going to be live music, and what’s the deal with the village party – any chance you can give me some inside goss?

A: There will be micro markets, and we already have live music, but will encourage more. There will be ping pong tables, and then shuffled to other fun activities. The village party will be a party held regularly where people get to come and enjoy a bustling crowd and enjoy food and drinks and treats to music, markets and entertainment.


Q: D’you have anything else you’d like me to put out there for you? A heads up on an event, a shoutout to any interested vendors/live acts to play at the venue?

A: A shout out to artists who want to use the free gallery wall installation, and also any music acts interested in being part of the place.


–     The Wrap-Up     –


If you haven’t got the impression by this point of the post, I am sorely disappointed in you.

Allow me to demonstrate through a gif, the emotions which I am feeling toward the existence, and future prospects of The Hamlet:



I’m excited. Oh boy, am I excited.

If you haven’t been already, [and frankly, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t] get yourself out to The Hamlet ASAP – and I mean tomorrow. They’ll have live music at night; with the food trucks pumping out some seriously good food throughout the day and ’til late. The live music and sheer variety of amazing edible goodness makes The Hamlet a great hangout for after-work drinks, and is absolutely the place to be if you’re keen to wind-down on a Friday.

If you’re late to the party and don’t make it ’til the weekend, Chasing Mr. Morris will sort you out with a potent arsenal of delicious home-made donuts, brownies, and slices; as well as the essential hit of caffeine we all need to get us up and moving in the morning. If you find yourself strolling past in the arvo, get stuck into a delicious American Dog from BrodDogs, or send your tastebuds to Peru with the pork-belly that took the Multicultural Festival by storm in 2014 – Mr. Papa‘s Chanchito.

Whatever your plans for the coming days, I suggest they include a trip to The Hamlet to experience the joys of food truck dining for yourself.

If you’re keen to find out more about the individual food trucks camping out at The Hamlet, check out our posts on Chasing Mr. Morris and April’s Caravan!

For more info on The Hamlet and to keep up to speed with all the latest goss, hit up their Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “The Hamlet a.k.a. whyistherearickshawhere?

  1. Is there much seating? I’d like to go for lunch with a few friends but would prefer we get a table rather than standing around!

    1. Hey Case!

      There’s a decent amount, but you’ll have to get in quick to secure a seat, especially at lunchtimes and on the weekends! The food’s pretty much all finger food though, so if you can’t get a table to sit at to eat your meal, it’s not a problem =]

      Bon appetit!

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