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Brunch fans, get in close. I have a new secret for you, and you’re going to want to hear this.

Tucked beneath the recently constructed Manhattan Building sits the brand-spanking new cafe by the name of 332 Manhattan. Owners Tom and Dan Butt snagged the prime location beside Glebe Park and opened shop just a few short weeks ago. Needless to say, business has been booming ever since. With it’s quirky artisan display, and a menu jam-packed with fresh local produce, 332 Manhattan showcases what Canberra is all about – smiling faces, honest business, and a hearty, healthy breakfast.

The Menu


The menu created by Paulo Milinesi (Black Fire Restaurant – Braddon) makes sure that there truly is something for everyone.

Got a sweet tooth? Try the house pancakes with ricotta, raspberries, strawberries and maple syrup.

Gluten free? Go the Manhattan parfait with fresh and dry fruits.

Vegetarian? There’s even something special for you! How does grilled haloumi served with roasted seasonal vegetables and basil pesto sound? Or arancini rice with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce?.. These are just a few of the tasty options awaiting your rumbling, meat-starved bellies.


And it’s not just brunch that provides a good feed. The crew at 332 Manhattan offer up a vast array of fresh and toasted gourmet sandwiches, a range of pastas and salads, as well as a full-fledged bakery display to keep you coming back. Pastry Chef Dennis has not one, not two, but three different pies available daily – chicken and mushroom, wagyu beef, lamb and potato. And rumour has it that they’re now doing dinner!


Guava danishes on display, made by "Miri" as part of the Baker in Residence program.
Guava danishes on display, made by “Miri” as part of the Baker in Residence program.


The Decor

Aside from my greatest passion in life and reason for living (food), 332 Manhattan has a myriad of other things on offer as well. The large book display in the back of the store has everything from Pete Evan’s “Going Paleo” to Indira Naidoo’s “Edible Balcony”. The counter top is artfully spread with bisonhome products, colourful KeepCups, and bicycle-shaped pizza cutters, making it the perfect breakfast-scape for the curious consumer. A word of caution, however – do not browse too long unless you are prepared to restash your entire crockery shelf. You WILL want to throw out every existing plate you have and replace it with a Hellenistic pottery-inspired one. You will want to upgrade your peeling, misshapen water bottle, and purchase a fluro-pink one.

The quirky book display with everything you wanted for your modern kitchen/living room, but didn’t know it yet!


If I knew eggs could been this fun, Ida Finnished my food a lot quicker… (and other egg-xcellent puns)


The Wrap-Up

332 Manhattan is so much more than a local eatery for brunchers and cyclists. The restaurant is full of personality, and a dream that is longing to share itself with the good people of Canberra. We got in touch with 332’s Marketing Manager – Emma Batchelor –  to learn a little more behind the smiling faces that make your morning coffee, and will be putting up a post soon that delves a little deeper into the boundless heart that is 332 Manhattan. Keep your eyes and ears peeled! And in the meantime, stop on by for a virtual or real-life visit:


332 Manhattan

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332 Manhattan
Unit 332/240 Bunda Street
Civic, ACT 2601
T: (02) 6248 8771

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