[The 411] Chasing Mr. Morris

We write “The 411” posts when we come across something awesome, but are trying to get in touch with the owners to get more info, before releasing a proper post.
In the meantime, we’ve hunted around for a quick write-up of links, info and pictures that’ll set you on track to check it out.
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Chasing Mr. Morris is by far [in my opinion] the coolest set-up out of all the trucks in the Hamlet. The custom detailed van, complete with potted plants on the dashboard and a snug set-up tucked away inside – I instantly gravitated towards the van as soon as I arrived at The Hamlet. The freehand art was contributed by Brad East, check out his other work on Instagram and over here – some very, very cool stuff.

If you swing past Mr. Morris, you should most definitely grab a fresh-brewed coffee, or and some of their delicious donuts. It’s the pocket-sized version of Nookie Espresso Bar, and they serve up a range of delicious home-made donuts, brownies, and a completely mental Hazelnut & Caramel slice for you to get stuck into along with a steaming hot cup of the nectar of life [a.k.a. coffee]

Thanks for checking out this post! Hopefully we’ll be able to get a more in-depth post out soon with more info, but in the meantime, check out our other post on The Hamlet to get the download on the latest innovation in Canberra’s ever-developing street culture, and our post on April’s Caravan!

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