Art vs Science: Canberra International Music Festival

Canberra, get your fancy pants on. It’s time for the Canberra International Music Festival 2015!


With the 2015 Festival tagline of “Music, Einstein, and You!“, Canberra is coming out nerds blazing for an 11-day science and sound symphony to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s theory of relativity. Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the great events to catch:


What’s on?



The complete piano sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven are presented over the course of 3 days by an array of the finest pianists.



These destination concerts are guaranteed to transport you both physical and aurally to some of Canberra’s most beautiful locations. Cosy up in the National Botanical Gardens to the sound of Forest Music. Gaze in wonder at Mount Stromlo Observatory as Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt speaks to you about Space Exploration. And be schooled on “String Theory” by the New Zealand String Quartet at the Shine Dome.



For the kids, there’s “Sebastian the Fox and Other Creatures” on May 10 where the regional children’s choir, Moorambilla Voices, joins with the Woden Valley Youth Choir to perform George Dreyus’s TV fable The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox and Katy Abbott’s thriller Crime Scene Investigation.

And my personal pick: what the The Guardian is calling:

“… the aural equivalent of standing at the top of a giant waterfall, mesmerised by the illusion that such a rushing body of water could also appear so stable, so even”

… ensemble event “A World of Glass” held at the National Gallery on Sunday 10 at 1.00pm, wherein vibraphones, saxophone, keyboards and violin dance together in tribute to the works of American composer, Philip Glass.



So get your brains and ears excited and head on down to the Canberra International Music Festival. It might just blow your mind!

For the full festival calendar, click here.

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