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The big bright red caravan? That’s BrodDogs. With a colour scheme like that, you couldn’t miss it – and you wouldn’t want to.

The little brother of the local legend, BrodBurger, BrodDogs serves up a variety of dogs, from the very indulgent; highly delectable classic BrodDog, to the “oh you fancy huh?” *pouts and snaps fingers* New Yorker – lathered in Sauerkraut cooked with triple smoked pork belly, corn relish, and mustard.


The lucky dog on the right, being lathered in shaved Gruyere cheese, my good friends, is the mind-numblingly delectable, invariably spot-hitting BrodDog. If you’re in need of a hotdog fix ASAP and an ordinary pack of frankfurts just doesn’t cut it – look no further. Is Don. Is okay. Is Broddog? F*** yeah.

If you find yourself cruising past The Hamlet at some point this weekend, hit up BrodDogs for a quick feed, and maybe definitely polish it off with a delish Lemon Meringue shake from April’s Caravan and an Oreo donut from Chasing Mr. Morris. Short of a deep fried stick of butter served with a super-sized gallon cup of Dr. Pepper, this is as close as you can get to an authentic American-style fast food feed – and we’re totally on board with that.

Thanks for checking out this post! Hopefully we’ll be able to get a more in-depth post out soon with more info, but in the meantime, check out our other post on The Hamlet, and BrodDogs’ other playmates – April’s Caravan, and Chasing Mr. Morris!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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