[The 411] April’s Caravan [Miss Mae Bar]

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You might know April’s Caravan as “peddler of quirky vintage items”, having set up shop at Bailey’s Arcade in Civic early last year. The quaint little caravan perched next to BrodDog, complete with fake grass, a garden arch, and white picket fences? That’s their new outpost – Miss Mae Milkbar.

While someone with a loose brain-mouth filter [such as myself] might comment “Hah, it looks like Dame Edna went camping”, the fact is that the portable garden front and entire concept of the caravan were brilliant ideas, giving off a very chilled vibe and setting itself apart from the rest of the stalls.

The crew at Miss Mae are super friendly, serving you with a big smile as they take your order. No matter what you grab from the many food trucks at The Hamlet, it‘s guaranteed to go down well with a delicious shake served up by the folks at April’s Caravan.

Relive your childhood with a delicious Spider, or continue to fool yourself by pretending you’re a grown-up now, with one of their fancy-pants deluxe milkshakes. Lemon Meringue anyone?


Thanks for checking out this post! Hopefully we’ll be able to get a more in-depth post out soon with more info, but in the meantime, check out our other post on The Hamlet, and April’s other playmate – Chasing Mr. Morris.

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