Toothless in Cuba
Funny story about this photo – I lost one of my front teeth to a gum infection in the States mid-2014, but because of the damage done to the underlying bone, I had to wait 3 months before getting it fixed. We weren’t about to let us ruin our travel plans though – 1 month later we were traipsing around Cuba, where this photo was taken.


Welcome to our blog!


In case you were wondering how the title “Two Peas in The Can” came about – it’s a mix between the phrase “Two Peas in a pod”, and the nickname Canberrans have given the nation’s capital, “The Can”.

Lil and I are just two Canberrans who love our brunch spots; checking out some of the local haunts and eateries, and just in general – having a good time. Despite what people say about there being nothing to do in Canberra, we’ve found that all you really need to do is to know where to look. And that’s where this blog comes in – let us show you what this city’s really all about.

We’ll be checking out some of the up-and-coming eateries, as well as those which’ve been around through Canberra’s development and have cemented themselves as part of her identity.¬†From the latest festivals like Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinemas, to some of the more classic celebrations like Skyfire and Floriade – we’ve got you covered.

So thanks for taking the time out to check out our blog! Follow us on our adventures through the dead heart of Australia¬†exciting city that is Canberra, and don’t forget – if you’ve got any suggestions of hidden gems or upcoming events that we should cover, let us know!

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jc & Lil

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